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Tressie Hughes

E-Mail kc7bal@juno.com


I am looking for more information on Johann C SCHMIDT and his wife KUSCH.  They had a child named Anna Maria SCHMIDT born in Presen, Fehmarn.  She married Peter Friedrich SCHWARZ 8 Nov 1848 in Westermarkelsdorf, Fehmarn.

Joe Johnson      Posted Dec. 5, 1998
E-Mail jejohnso@erols.com

wpe5.jpg (2221 bytes)

In the christenings of Bannesdorf, other persons in attendance are listed. Are these likely to be relatives?, or friends?, or neighbors. I ask this because Adrian is a relatively "new" name to Fehmarn. It's likely that the ADRIAN-HANSEN union came from right across the channel in the area of Grossenbrode, i.e. the neck of land rising north from the mainland and leading immediately directly to Fehmnarn. Grossenbrode can be seen on the site's map of Fehmarn. Where can one obtain Grossenbrode info? Will make a few attempts at LDS.

Historically, was there much interaction between Grossenbrode and their near neighbor Fehmarn?

The Fehmarn Family database is a great help.

There is a listing for Klaus Heinrich ADRIAN marrying Catharina HANSEN in 5/27/1859 in Burg parish. The same year on 9/27 the first of many childen of Catharina HANSEN and Heinrich ADRIAN is christened. In the original christening records, the father's name is only Heinrich.
Question: was it ever customary in Fehmarn for a person to go by his middle name?

Lutjenbrode is now a very small municipality in Grossenbrode. They are located directly across the Fehmarn Sund and the nearest part of mainland Holstein to Fehmarn Island. There is a possibility that my ancestors grew up or have connections to Lutjenbrode.
Question: In the early-mid 1800's how much traffic was there from immediate mainland to Fehmarn? I would presume that there would be an active ferry service. Was it customary for Fehmarn Islanders to "cross" the Sund? Would appear to me necessary for commerce. Was it customary for immediate mainland families to mix with the Fehmarn Islanders? Or during this time did the Islanders remain socially insulated?

I have noticed both REHR and REHER spellings in Fehmarn Families. There's not much of either. The REHER spelling is used in Petersburg parish, and the Rehr spelling is used elsewhere.
Question: How "compulsive" were church ministers or priests in using certain spellings. Were certain Fehmarn spellings set in stone? Or were alternative spellings used, especially for less frequently used names?

What was the custom in Fehmarn re: last names of females? Did a widow retain her "maiden" name? When a widow remarried what was used for her last name? Were females called by their maiden name or their married names? I suppose this depends upon the period of time as well. I'm interested at the moment in the late 1700's and 1800's.

Marion Travis     Posted Dec. 8, 1998
Gluhm, Freund, Fründt, Brugger, Wilken, Ruge, Rauert, Luth(je), Kuesch, Tiedemann, Petersen, Koch, Kröger, Wohler, Detlof  

Currenlty looking for baptismal record of Peter Gluhm, born on Fehmarn in 1853 (Record should be at Petersdorf, Burg, or Landkirchen. Also, looking for the marriage record of Peter Gluhm and Margaret Gibelstein in the year 1878. Place of marriage not known, but record should also be at Petersdorf, Burg, or Landkirchen.

Paul Zebe

I am searching for the ancestors and any other descendants of Heinrich SCHMITT, a blacksmith at Dänschendorf on Fehmarn. He is reported to have been buried on 6 Nov. 1657.   His daughters, Anna (born c. 1630) and Gertrud, reportedly had to flee the island during a witch hunt.  I am descended from Anna, who along with Gertrud settled in Schössin in Mecklenburg.

Jodie Dryden
CLAUSSEN, Henry Thomas

Please search for HENRY THOMAS CLAUSSEN (Clausen?) born February 16, 1840 in Schlewig-Holstein, Germany. Family lore relates that Thomas was from a "banking family" that had an established family
history of naval service.  Thomas left Germany around 1860 when Bismarck implemented his military conscription...Thomas was very angry...being told "he HAD to serve" instead of being able to  volunteer.  I have found "a" Henry Thomas Claussen on a ship's manifest which left Hamburg on June 2, 1845 with destination of Melbourne. Can't be sure but hoping this is my great-grandfather as he would discuss very little about his immigration...we are not sure HOW he came to Idaho...once here he was a gold miner, a mail packing, ranching man...another lore is he might have been a stow-a-way at some part in his journey. My elderly father, 82 and in weak health, is most anxious to establish contact with "his people" in Germany. I, would love to visit your beautiful island...I feel very drawn to it.  Any help or assistance would be most appreciated. 
Thank you for your beautiful site.
Jodie Dryden
Little Salmon River, Idaho

Gil Wilson

I have been informed that my Greatgrandfather was born here. His name was Hans Jansen. Records show he was born in 1856  to Frederich Jansen and Dorothea Schueman. Of course I am looking for any tidbit of info and where I might search for records on him and his parents. He had a sister Dora
born to Fritz Gertt and Dorothea Schuemann. I do not know what  became of Frederich or when Dora was born. (or where).

Gil Wilson
Regina SK. Canada.

Gaycha Mayhew

Paul Muhl was born 1825, possibly on Fehmarn, there are several families with that name and it is an uncommon name.  Left for USA c.1857 and went to CA to pan for gold.   Married in CA
a German woman, Gesche Wohlenberg Rath and settled in Walcott, Scott Co.,IA.  Any knowledge of him coming from Fehmarn?

Jeanie Reed

I am looking for ancestry and history Hans Mildenstein, b. 1690, Danschendorf, spouse Gardrut SCHEEL, b. 1694 in Valdersdorf, and her ancestry.  Also Christian SIEMS, who d. in Danschendorf 20 Dec 1867.  His children all used the name SIEMSEN.   Christian moved to Fehmarn prior to marriage, as he married his sp, Anna WOHLER, in Danschendorf in 1838. Further, am looking for info on Hans KAHLER, b. ca 1700 in ??, m. Agneta LAFRENZ, who was b. in Gollensdorf.  It seems I have so many ancestral families on this island, that I must be related to everyone there, but I'm sure that's not so. This will do for now.  Hope to hear from lots of newly discovered cousins!

Tim Kasemodel

wpe6.jpg (2221 bytes)

My grandfather, Herman Kasemodel emigrated to Minnesota from Fehmarn in 1908 at the age of 16.
I know he was born in 1892, but I'm not sure of the exact date of birth, or town of birth.   I believe that he was the only boy in his family, but he had at least 2 sisters.  His mother & father I am quite sure were Johann & Willhelmina?  There are very few Kasemodels in the United States, with Herman's descendants comprising the bulk of that!!

I am looking forward to any response!!

Tim Kasemodel
Wayzata Minnesota  USA

Michael Yandell

wpe7.jpg (2221 bytes)

Trying to find information on Henry Christian Lafrenz (Heinrich?) who emigrated from Fehmarn (via Oslo) to Victoria, Australia in 1878.  Henry was born in approximately 1855 and he was a felt hatter.  Henry's father was Henry Lafrenz and he was a blacksmith.  His mother's name was Lucy (maiden name unknown).  Any information would be appreciated.

Joyce Espitee

wpe8.jpg (2221 bytes)

Herman Kasemodel was my father.  He was born September 17, 1892 and lived on the island of Fehmarn before coming to the U.S. in 1908. His parents were Julius Kasemodel, born October 6,1859, died March 9, 1935, and Matilda Kasemodel, born August 24, 1863 and died May 15, 1945.  My father had 4 sisters:  Clara Kasemodel, born June 18, 1887, married William Dammann; Alma Kasemodel, born October 28, 1890, married Henry Hachmann.  His sisters, Selma Kasemodel and Minnie Kasemodel,immigrated to the U.S. but Alma and Clara remained in Germany.  I would like to know more about my grandparents, Julius and Matilda Kasemodel, and whether Julius had any brothers.

Barry Schnoor

Looking for information on Hans Schnoor who emigrated around 1880 - 1890 to the USA...South Dakota.
Hans had 5 children (Alvin, Malvin, Esther, Marie and Hilde) before leaving the family (and the family history) behind. I have no information about my Schnoor family from the "old country."  Any information anyone out there might have will be greatly appreciated.  I'm looking, particularly, for Hans Schnoor, who, I believe, immigrated to the USA around 1880 - 1890.

Much appreciated!

Barry G. Schnoor


wpe9.jpg (2221 bytes)

My grandmother Emmi Wichelmann, nee Landt was born in Burg and married a Heinrich Wichelmann born about 1840 died about 1936. I would like to know if she had sisters and brothers and who her parents were? Rubin was a MONARCH and jewish he was to have married my grandmothers sister? Saehn married a Bugge, Juergen in Klausdorf, they had a farm but I know little of their family. Many of the Petersen went to Schleswig in Iowa. Help!

Paul W. Dencklau

My g g g grandfather Johann Dietrich DENKLAU born 11/23/1719 in Oldenburg, married Anna Margaretha DREYER 10/15/1773 in Tranemunde. Anna was born 01/05/1744. There were 9 children, #1- Jurgen Friedrich born in Westermarkelsdorf, #2-Anna Margaretha married Mr. HAMANN, #3-Hedwig Anna Elsabe married Mr. LANDSCHAU, #4-Johann Jochim, #5-Maria Dorte married Mr. JAHN, #6-Hans Hinrich, #7-Margaretha Elizabeth Catharina married Mr. MOLLER, #8-Friedrich Johann Diedrich born in Travemunde, #9-Christian Hinrich (my g g grandfather) born 06/14/1791 in Heligenhafen, he married 3 times, #3-is unknown, only the name Ilga, #2-was Mrs. LACHERT, widow of Mr. AGAR, #1-was Dorathea Gurtrude (or Anna Dorathea) BLIESEMANN, married 03/26/1819 in Neukirchen, died 12/20/1836. There were 3 children, #1-Anton Christian Hartwig born 05/10/1821 in Burg, died 01/22/1823, #2-Erich Peter Friedrich (my g grandfather) born 12/28/1822, #3-Hans Jakob born 01/03/1825 in Burg, married Catharina Dorothea PETERSON (born as SAHN) 05/09/1851, she was born 07/23/1822 in Ostermarkelsdorf. There were 6 children, #1-Gertrude PETERSON (LANGBEHN) stepchild born 01/09/1846, #2-Joachim Friedrich born 03/01/1851 in Ostermarkelsdorf, married Caroline FLAMME 02/27/1877 in Scott County, Iowa, #3- Nicklous Matthias born 05/10/1853 in Ostermarkelsdorf, married Amelia Diedrich KLINDT 01/14/1876 in Scott County, Iowa, #4-Jurgen Matthias born 06/22/1855 in Ostermarkelsdorf, #5-Emma Dorothea born 02/09/1858 in Ostermarkelsdorf, married Wilhelm Karl Friedrich LAGE, #6-Hans Jakob Jr. born 07/05/1864, married Elizabeth KEHM.
Any info on the DEN(C)KLAU family would be appreciated.

Kitty Finken
STOELK Jurgen, DITTMAN Wileminia STOELK Heinrich

Jurgen and Wileminia (Dittman) Stoelk had 9 Children:  Sophia, Margueritta, William, Minnie, Heinrich and Jurgen. 3 died in infancy

Heinrich Stoelk born: 6 June  1862 (my ggrandfather)

Heinrich and brother William emigrated to the U.S. in 1885

Walter Darling

wpeA.jpg (2221 bytes)

Looking for information on children of Joachim Daniel KLUTMANN (Oldenburg-1831) and Anna CLAUSSEN (Burg-1845).  They lived in Landkirchen in 1904.  Sons Nickolous (1877) and Joachim Carsten (1888) emmigrated to the USA and lived in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area.  It is said that Catharina Amalia Klutmann (1873) stayed in Fehmarn and married Emil GLOE.

Joachim Daniel Klutmann's parents were Joachim Friedrich KLUTMANN and Elsabe Margaretha POST.

Sherry Stafford

Is there a relationship between the MILDENSTEIN Castle in Burg Leisnig, Germany, and the MILDENSTEIN lineage on Fehmarn Island?  If so, when did the people who called themselves MILDENSTEIN immigrate to Fehmarn Island?

Alice Whitbeck

wpeB.jpg (2221 bytes)

Looking for information about the family of AGNES FOCK b. 8 Aug 1858 at Gammendorf, to HANS NICKOLAS FOCK and ANNA GERTRUDE STENDER. Agnes Fock immigrated to the US in 1875 and m. 7 July 1881 to Mathias Wilhelm DETLEFSEN in Orange, NJ.

Dick Lester

I am looking for any information on the family of my great grandfather, Matthias Anderson (probably changed from Andresen or Andersen). He was born in Fehmarn in the early 1800's, and came to the U.S. around the time of the Civil War. He settled in Elmira, NY and married Bridget Flanagan. They had a son, Theodore (my grandfather). Matthias had at least one brother, Louis. I have old tintypes (sp)...early photos...of Matthias and his brother and others with the inscription "Burg, Fehmarn" on the back. Matthias died in Binghamton NY. Any information greatly appreciated.

Lori Kutnink

I am searching for the family of Magda{Kutnink} Sievert. I do not know who Magda married except his last name was Sievert. Any information is welcomed. Magda may still be alive and she may have had some children. Thanks

Kevin Klutman

Looking for information on KLUTMANN and WILKEN families in Fehmarn.

Dennis H. Harmsen

wpeC.jpg (2221 bytes)

I am researching my Harmsen family on the Island of Fehmarn.  I obtained some information from a German researcher living in Petersdorf, who researched the church records in Burg.  The first HARMSEN listed was a marriage record of HANS HARMSEN to GRETE HARMENSEN on February 10, 1673 in Burg, Fehmarn.

This researcher provided me with the father to son descendants to the family of my great-grandfather, FERDINAND HARMSEN, born July 26, 1859 in Strukamp, Fehmarn, who came to the United States in 1884 with one brother, CARL HARMSEN.

I would like to obtain the information for all of the HARMSEN families on the Island of Fehmarn, for I believe they are all related to my family.   Any information on the surname HARMSEN or any of the above related surnames would be very much appreciated.   Some towns in Fehmarn where they born/lived/died include, Burg, Gammensdorf, Wulfen, Landkirchen, Altjellingsdorf, Bisdorf, Strukkamp, Danschendorf, Hinrichsdorf and Grossenbrode.

Information that I received from Germany and would like additional information on include the following:

Claus Harmsen and wife Gardruth Hiss:  all dates of birth/death and children born Hartwig Harmsen and wife Margaretha Rahlf:  all dates of birth/death and children born Sara Harmsen and husband Joachim Stockfisch:  all dates of birth/death/marriage and children born Anna Catharina Harmsen and husband Jacob Lafrenz:  all dates of birth/death/marriage and children born Claus Harmsen and wife Maria Stecher:  all dates of birth/death and children born Claus Hinrich Harmsen and wife Anna Dorothea Felsch:  all dates of birth/death and children born Hartwig Harmsen and wife Margaretha Lafrenz:  all dates of birth and death Catharina Harmsen and husband Hans Hinrich Ludwig Suchsdorf:  all dates of birth/death and children born Gerdrut Harmsen and husband Jonas Ehler:  all dates of birth/death and children born Maria Harmsen and husband Peter Heldt:  all dates of birth/death/marriage and children born Catharina Gardruth Harmsen and husband Hans Thiessen:  all dates of birth/death/marriage and children born Jurgen Harmsen and wife Dorothea Anna Wieck:   Her dates of birth/death and children born during marriage Anna Sophia Harmsen and husband Joachim Daniel Klutmann:  all dates of birth/death and children born Christina Magdalena Harmsen and husband Jurgen Schmidt:  all dates of birth/death/marriage and children born Dorothea Gertrude Harmsen and husband Nicolas Ehler:  all dates of birth/death/marriage Jurgen Hinrich Harmsen and wife Gertrude Wilhelmine Mess:  all dates of birth/death and information on children.

Thank you!

David Thomason

I have traced my family (SCHNOOR) back to the early 1800's in the Rantzau area of Schleswig-holstein (the 1835 census), and due to the proximity of Rantzau, I believe a connection to Fehmarn is quite likely.  Do you have any information that would confirm this link?

The family is still in Gowens, but sadly is down to only 2 single males in their 50's

D.J. Behrendsen

Searching for ancestors from Schleswig/Holstein. GG Father Johannes BEHRENDSEN b 2 January 1853. Had a brother Christian Martin BEHRENDSEN, no information on him. Father was Johann N. BEHRENDSEN b 18 January 1815. His father was Nickels BEHRENDSEN who was married to Margarethe MATTHIESEN. In Christening records the names of HANSEN, PAULSEN, PETERSEN and JOHANNSEN among others appear.


Do you have any information in your database about either GLOE or GLUR?  My grandfather came from Fehmarn in the late thirties/early forties.  My maiden name is GLOE, but I do not believe that this was the original name from Germany.  My grandfather's name was Emil Gloe.  His father's name was Emil as well.  My parents, my husband, and I will be visiting the island of Fehmarn in the next few weeks and any information that you have would be very helpful.  Thank you so much.
Robin Rodriguez, Tempe, Arizona

Alan Wilken

Jurgen Wilken, Henrietta ("Jette") Haltermann Wilken and their five children are reported to have emigrated from Fehmarn to Elk Grove, Illimois in 1855.
I would be grateful to receive any information about this family, their ancestors and descendants.

Berniece A. Banks

This is the spelling as my family name is. My grandfather's name was William Meier, and according to family tales he was born around 1879 c. on Fehmarn Island. Some in our family say that the name may have been shortened.  I have no other information on his side of our family. Anything anyone could contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Ruth Mildt

Henry MILDT was born on the Island of Fehmarn and is listed in the Danschendorf Parish christening register as Han Heinrich MILZ, born 11 June 1869.  His mother:   Doris REIMER, also called SIEVERT.  His father:  Heinrich MILZ in Hinrichsdorf.  How the name was changed from MILZ to MILDT is unknown.

About 1884-1886, Henry MILDT came with his mother and two younger step-brothers, John and Nicholas OHLSEN, from Fehmarn to Davenport, Iowa.

Doris REIMER was born 23 January 1851 in Altenteil, Fehmarn.  Her father:   Andreas REIMER, her mother:  Anna WETHLING.  Anna later married a man by the name of SIEVERT.

Henry MILDT and his mother lived the rest of their lives in Davenport, Iowa.  I cannot go back any further and would like to know more about their ancestry.

Carolyn Drews
Petersen Peterson

What is a family rune/housemark?

Sherri Musselman

I am searching for any info on a Markus/Marcus SIEMSEN who immigrated to US abt. 1900 at the age of 17.  He married Ernestine FREESE and they lived in Holyrood Ks...have found a few Siemsens that came from Fehmarn to Holyrood but don't know if there is a connection.  Can anyone help?  Thank you!


Ruth Mildt

Doris REIMER, also known as SIEVERT, was born 23 January 1851, Altenteil, Fehmarn.  She came to Scott County, Iowa about 1886, with her older son, Hans Henry MILDT or MILZ, born 16 June 1869, Danschendorf, Fehmarn, and two other sons, surname OLSEN or OLSON.  Her son, John OLSON was born 5 November 1881 and his little brother Nicholas OLSON was born 1 December 1883.  I do not know where in Germany the OLSON boys were born but I imagine they were born on Fehmarn.  I would like to know the name of their father and if a marriage record can be found.  It appears that three daughters of Doris Reimer remained in Germany.  I do not know their names but I have a photo of them as young ladies taken at a studio in Rendsburg, Germany with a notation that they are Henry Mildt's sisters in Germany.

Doris Reimer married on 12 October 1888, in Scott County, Iowa, Christian Beguhn and had three daughters by him.  In the 1900 census she indicated she was the mother of twelve children, eight of them living.  I can account for only nine, including the three daughters presumed to have stayed in Germany.

Thank you.


Bebensee or Bevensee

Did any Bebensee ever live there?  Looking for my ancestors.

J.M.Parker,  Yes the family name of Bebensee can be found on Fehmarn.  Please contact me your web host John and send us your correct e-mail address so others can contact you.


Aaron Mildenstein

I would like to know as much as possible as can be obtained without too much effort on your part.  (This site is a goldmine, and I thank you for your efforts)


Diane "Steen" Smith

I  believe my family came for the Fehmarn Island and I was wondering about my family. Any help will help. My great grandparents were Augusta Fritz and Fritz Hansohm.


Russell Knaack

My g-g-grandfather Heinrich KNAACK and some (or all) of his siblings were born on Fehmarn.  The are Dorothea Lucie Catharina (b.1855), Heinrich (b.1859), Wilhelm (b. abt.1860), Kristian (b.1861), Carl, Karolina, Doris, Johannes (b.1872), and Martin (b.1873).  If you come across any information about them, or any other KNAACK's in the area, please contact me.

There is also a line of PETERSEN's related by marriage.  This includes Theodor (b. 1855) who married Dorothea L. C. KNAACK above, Herman who married Dorothea PRIEFS, Catharina who married Otto?, and Anna who married Hans Nicholas MOLLER.  These siblings were the children of Joachim PETERSEN and Christiana Catharina LANGERHANS (b. abt. 1821) who were married in Feb. 1850.

I look forward to talking with anyone who has or needs information.

Russell Knaack


Tom Nehlsen

Nehlsen Max \Lived in Markasan Wi. Then came to Milwaukee


Robert Trimmer
Bock, Wilken, Wohler, Menzel, Wulf

My Franz BOCK (b.1841) left Lemkenhafen, Fehmarn with 4 sibling for NY and lived in the Brooklyn area. One sister m. a Wulf and another a Johnson/Johnsen (from Fehmarn)and another a Wulf. Franz was son of Hinrich Bock and Dorothea Wohler. Dorothea was the dau. of Carsten Wohler and Anna Wilken. Any relations out there?
Mit besten Gruessen,


Melvin A. Besthorn

Interested in the parents of Johann Friedrick Siemsen born 16 Feb 1844 in Petersdorf, Fehmarn Is., Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.  He married Anna Margaretha Johannsen on 7 Dec 1864.  Would like to obtain more information on the ancestors of these two individuals.


Nancy Stampe Anwyll

My grandfather, Peter Heinrick Johannas STAMPE, emigrated from Fehmarn with his widowed mother (ANNA MARGARETHA HEICK STAMPE) and two of his sisters in 1883.  His father, JOHANN FRIEDRICK STAMPE (1820 - 1878) was the son of JOHANN CARL HEINRICK STAMPE and MARGARETHA DOROTHEA LANDSCHOF. I need to know where in Fehmarn they lived, and I would like birth, death, and place of death dates.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



Looking for a family connection via a handmade cross-stitch book made by Miss Margaret KOCH in 1807 and signed by her sister, Mrs E.C. EHLER in 1842 in Reinsbuttel.  The 1880 Scott Co. Iowa census lists parents of my Ggdmother, (Marg. EHLERS & Henry THIESSEN) as residents of Fehmarn.



In Karl-Wilhelm Klahn's book "Old Photos-Fehmarn" there's a group photo showing GOTTFRIED KRIEDT standing to the right of the mayor.  If anyone has information on Gottfried it would be appreciated.  We're attempting to link the Oldenburg Kriedts with our line, the Copenhagen Kriedts and Gottfried may just help with the connection!  In advance THANK YOU    DAN KRIEDT  ALAMEDA, CA USA


Anna Duncan
Kock, Wandschneider, Hennings, Iverson, Wohlers, Holst

I would like information on Frederick Kock´s family.  He was born 29/June/1817 or 1822 at Sahrensdorf, Fehmarn Island.  His wife was Anna Gertrude Wandschneider born 19 April 1821 at Sahrensdorf, Fehmarn Island.  I would like her family history also.  I believe her father was Andreas and her mother was Dorothea Margaret Hennings.  Any help with these families would be appreciated.


Regina Kramer

Hallo. I have not Fehmarn- people, but SPANGENBERG and other surnames from Mecklenburg /Germany.

Please tell me something about your SPANGENBERG- connections.
Regina Kramer, Germany


Laura Northrop
Muller, Jansen

Searching for the parish that Margeret Gertrude Jansen died.
The family records says she was b. 3 Sept 1797(poss. Slesvig, Ger and died 21 Apr
1859. Her daughter, Anna Muller, was said to be born in Fainen, Germany (a hunch is
it might be Fehmarn.)  Margaret's husband was Johan Frederick Muller b. 11 May 1797 possibly Mecklenburg and he died 29 May  1861 in Savannah, GA.  He emigrated with all of his children but two (Charlotte and William either died young or remained behind.)  The children that emigrated included: Charles Henry b. 1828, Margaret Gertrude b. 1832, Anna Catherine b. 1838 and Claus Frederick b. 1840.



I've viewed your Fehmarn genealogy site and it is most interesting.   Although you said that you'll only answer questions on Fehmarn can you please help me??  Is there a similar type of genealogical website for the town and district around Kappeln in Schleswig (as it is very close to fehmarn?

I'd really appreciate your assistance.

Many thanks,

Chrissy McElprang

I was interested in finding out the clanship to my name.  I have found alot of intersting details,
 but one I was quite fond of was to hear I do have a clanship.
I have some friends going to a store that carries the colors of the families.
 I have been unable to get to that point of the geneology. The name of the family member that I have found was
intested in was MACKEPRANG WITT(E).  if you could PLEASE help me find my clan &/or colors, I would greatly
appreciate it.  The pages ? my family is on run thur 325-350 please let me know as soon as you can
Thank you Sincerly, Chrissy McElprang  I know they lived in Fehmarn for a while.


I am looking for my ancestors named GLOXIN who lived in WORMS & in ARNSWALDE in the sixteenth century.

Betty Brubaker

I desperately could use some help. I am not sure if my ancesters came from Fehmarn but I do know they showed up in Grube 1813.  My G Grandfather is Claus Henrich Fredrich Kroger b.1841 d.1890 m.1863  Elsuba Auguste Schwartz b.1841 d. 1917. I have been told my GG Grandfather's name could have John(Johann) Apreciate any help I could get. 

Kenneth Avery

 Information that I have is that my Grandfather John Henry Carl Voderberg (pronounced) (Vorderberg in the US born in Hoolstien Germany Oct 30, 1858 came to America in 1884 to Scott county Iowa.Before leaving Germany he was married to
johanna Wulf in 1882 being the Daughter of Thomas Hinrich Wulf who married Anna Margaretha Lafrenz, looking at the list of names any family information appreciated, especially Voderberg and Lafrenz connections.

Karen Nihsen Wagoner

I am looking for anything on Nicholas Heinrich Joechem Nihsen born in Stabherhof/Staherdorf, Fehmarn, on Sept. 22, 1892.  His parents were Nicholas and Dorethea Lafrenz Nihsen.  We have no information on them.  Also, I am looking for information on Christina Margaret Christiansen Halm.  She was born April 25, 1861 in Schleswig-Holstein (dont' have the town).She married Joseph Halm, from Mengerkirchem, Province of Nassau.

Mike Harald Hammer

My Grandfather, Hans Hinrich Wilhelm HAMMER married Klara Karoline RITSCHER on 20 March 1910 at Burg auf Fehmarn.  I believe both were born on Fehmarn and family lore has it that their parents were farmers/landholders. I am looking for any information available on the names HAMMER and RITSCHER.

Richard SYE

The name SYE is of medieval Frisian origin, from a guild of seal makers using the names SY/SYE, SIEH, ZEEK, and SICKAMA. All the family names are found in that area except Sickama, the "ama" probably having been dropped.

I am trying to find someone who has knowledge of the name Sye, and how to research it. Ich kann lese deutsch, and I have found references to publications covering the time period I would be interested in reading about, but have no idea of how to purchase them.



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